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Development Fund

What does the Development Fund do?

The Development Fund was established to fund the ‘extras’ to ensure that we are able to provide the very best opportunities for our students: the opportunity to excel academically, pursue extra-curricular interests and activities, and to exceed their potential.

Since the Fund was launched, gifts from parents, grandparents, Old Blues, and friends of the School have supported projects which have had a direct and immediate benefit for our students.

Funding has contributed to wide-ranging projects such as the purchase of musical instruments and vital technology and equipment. The Fund also gives us the ability to allocate gifts to projects that are deemed the most urgent in that particular year, ensuring we are able to respond to the needs of the School and our students on an ongoing basis.

We are hugely grateful to our community of supporters who contribute what they can each year to this Fund. Thanks to their support, in 2019/20 £33,024 was distributed from the fund to support 33 different projects and activities in School. To find out more about the projects we support and the impact that our supporters’ giving has on our students, you can view our 2019/20 Giving Report by clicking here.

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For further information about the Development Fund, please contact the School Office on 0151 733 1407 or at