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Like so many Blue Coat activities, our series of year group Awards Assemblies have stepped online with classes virtually linked together from their form rooms instead of meeting in Shirley Hall for the ceremony.

Miss Hodson, Key Stage 4 Leader for Behaviour and Welfare, spent several hours combing through the necessary data to work out which students would be awarded a prize and which form group would be crowned the coveted ‘Top Form’ award.

The idea of the Awards Assemblies was devised four years ago by Miss Hodson, Mr Mercer and Mrs Bennett, Key Stage 5 Leader Behaviour & Welfare, to celebrate the range of successes students have enjoyed, both in and outside of the classroom. 

A prime example of what can be achieved can be found in Year 9 Tod, who was awarded the Year 9 ‘Best Form’ award. Mr Phelan, Year 9 Tod Form Tutor, said: “It has been a pleasure being Year 9 Tod’s form tutor for the last three years.

“It was a great reward for 9 Tod winning the Award using criteria such as good school habits, academic achievement, extra-curricular, attendance, behaviour, punctuality, and charity work.

“What I love about 9 Tod is their interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and ability to support each other. They all contribute to form activities and from day one in Year 7 have bonded, shown initiative, leadership skills and had fun as a form. They all have character.”

Among the charitable achievements of 9 Tod is successes by Hills and Solomon. In response to a devastating flood that struck Hill’s mother’s hometown of Aguleri, Nigeria, Hills and his twin brother, launched an online giving campaign and raffle with a prize hamper, to raise funds for the town’s residents. In a short space of time, the pair raised £685, which is the equivalent of 400,000 Nigerian Naira. This tremendous sum allowed local residents to purchase essential items.

Solomon coordinated a fund-raising event to cut off 13-inches of his hair, with donations exceeding £500. His long locks were then sent to the Prince’s Trust and woven into a wig for a girl who’d lost her hair due to cancer. 

We would like to congratulate 9 Tod and look forward to sharing their future successes with you. 


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