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On Wednesday December 17th our Year 8 students descended on the Shirley Hall to take part in a series of fun filled activities designed to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Guided throughout the day by experts from Bright Futures, students were introduced to the social and commercial aspects of enterprise, including the importance of teamwork and good communication skills.

One of the most popular challenges of the day involved students working together in small teams to construct a rollercoaster that would keep a marble in motion for 10 seconds. Instilled with a ‘can do’ attitude, and armed only with 8 sheets of card, two sheets of paper, sticky tape, colouring pens, scissors and a marble, students had to quickly adapt to their limited time and resources. Despite feeling the pressure, students demonstrated an excellent ability to work together calmly. The judges were extremely impressed with their fantastic designs.

Reflecting on Enterprise Day students thoroughly enjoyed the tasks they were presented with, including running their own businesses and selling products. One year 8 student remarked, ‘I really enjoyed today. It was a valuable learning experience. It definitely helped to improve my ability to work with students I didn’t know very well’.

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