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Victory at the regional round of this prestigious competition led our delegation to the national final. Delegate Rebecca shares her experience of the national final.

“After winning the regionals, our debating team was excited to participate in the national European Youth Parliament debating competition, and as we arrived in the chosen venue of Hope University we were greeted by the sight of a multitude of students from different schools from across the country. Our first afternoon involved a series of team building to break down any barriers between students in the committees, so as to make the whole experience more enjoyable and allow people to feel comfortable to debate. This was followed by an international dinner, where each school presented a meal from a different country within the European Union (ours being the Netherlands).

The next three days comprised of making a number of resolutions and then debating them in a lecture theatre. This was where we got down to business researching different motions, such as the spread of disinformation in Eastern Partnership countries, and then formulating a plan on how to deal with them individually. We all found this particularly fun, as it allowed us to act as delegates of the European Union, finding unique solutions to problems we may never have heard of before.

However, it wasn’t all serious as the organisers provided a fun evening of activities to help us relax after long hours of concentration, and this was done in the form of a pub quiz night and a talent show which both ended in an impromptu dance party. This was followed by an evening briefing from Mr Pearson, which ended the day on a good note and prepared us for the day ahead.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience which developed and enhanced our public speaking skills and strengthened our friendships. The cherry on top was that one of our members, Jonathan Liu, made it to the international finals, meaning he will now go on to represent the country in debates across Europe.”

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