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For Blue Coat students with a passion for Computer Science and Engineering, the annual PA Raspberry Pi competition provides a perfect hands-on opportunity to test their skills and to work together to invent a system designed to benefit society. We would like to thank our Development Fund supporters for their generosity, as your donations covered the cost of this year’s competition entry fees. 

Now in its ninth year, organisers drew on the once-in-a-lifetime challenges posed by the global health pandemic, with competitors from 150 schools invited to draw on their creativity and ingenuity to design a piece of technology that would help create a positive future for everyone as we come out of an unprecedented period of uncertainty.

Teams were asked to imagine a world where we can:

  • develop a cleaner, more sustainable world
  • be better prepared for the unexpected
  • interact safely and effectively, whether at work, study or leisure
  • support the health and wellbeing of everyone
  • get urgent supplies into the hands of those who need them most.

Responding to the challenge, our team of Year 12 students designed and built a quadcopter drone, affectionately named ‘Copter Who’ by members of the team, which was linked to a Raspberry Pi and delivered COVID tests, medicine and relief supplies to areas vehicles cannot access. The drone was 3D printed with 4 brushless motors for fast and effective flight, an array of sensors were installed so that the drone was aware of its position, with two Raspberry Pi cameras being added to map the environment. The drone also included an app that would allow for the creation of a drone fleet, with the app acting as a central hub, and specially built with an easy-to-navigate user interface, that would allow people of all abilities, to send one or more drones to the desired destination.

Working and supporting each other, the team’s QuadCopter project took a total of three months to complete, including a period of rigorous testing. 

The team successfully made it through to the online final of the Raspberry Pi competition, where their ‘Copter Who’ drone was praised by competition STEM judges. 

To meet the team behind ‘Copter Who’ and to hear them talk about how their project came to fruition, please click here.

Once again we would like to thank our Development Fund donors for their ongoing support. If you would like to find out more about our Development Fund and the projects we have been able to support over the past twelve months, or if you would like to become a Development Fund supporter, please click here

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