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From October half term until February half term, the Business Studies Department ran a competition for twenty-four Year 8 students with the help of eleven Year 11 Business Studies GCSE students. The ‘Year 8 Business Studies Apprentice Challenge’ helped our students to not only develop their teamwork and entrepreneurial skills but also provided them with an opportunity to build on their enthusiasm for business studies, an option open for Year 8 students to study when they take their GCSEs.

The program was compiled by our Year 11 Business Leaders, who each week came together to plan the various engaging activities which allowed for all students enrolled on the program to get involved. It took a lot of planning and sacrifices of break times and lunchtimes but in the end it was worth it to see the development of our Year 8 students from young adults who had never studied business into the next generation of A* Business Studies students’.

The tasks ranged from on the spot sales pitches to logo designing. A points system ensured that everyone’s efforts were noticed, and points accumulated throughout the weeks. A three part Dragon’s Den Challenge brought the program to a conclusion with double points available for the pitching of products designed by our young entrepreneurs. The winners of the program were Team Jupiter from 8 Shirley, who not only won chocolates but trophies too!

The program was not just all about the winners. The progress seen by all students can be commended and the skills gained not only by our Year 8 students but also the organisational and leadership skills demonstrated by our Year 11 students will be sure to help them in later life.

Miss Hutchings – Business Studies Department

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