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There was no shortage of entrepreneurial spirit during Trading Day, held on Friday 14th July, as a wide array of pop up business ventures sprung up around The Blue Coat School.

This popular and highly anticipated annual event, provides our Year 10 students with an opportunity to experience running a business in order to develop their enterprise skills such as teamwork, creativity and determination. Working in groups of three or four students each team is provided with a small loan from the School to enable them to setup up their business, from buying raw materials to devising marketing strategies.

Throughout the day students and staff queued up at food outlets selling pizza, hotdogs, curry, homemade cakes, candy floss and milkshakes, attracted by bright advertising materials offering special deals. Away from the food market staff and students could complete an assault course or demonstrate their talent for scoring goals in a beat the Goalkeeper challenge.

This year’s event proved to be extremely successful, with our young business men and women demonstrating the fundamental skills required to run a prosperous business. All profits raised during the day were channelled to the School Library Appeal.

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