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BLUE Coat School Chess Club player Frank Hudson, of Year 9, had the privilege of attending the World Chess Championship 2018, in London, last term.

Hailed as the most anticipated match in a generation with a worldwide TV audience, it starred the Norwegian World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, known as ‘the Mozart of Chess’ and his US challenger, Fabiano Caruana.

Carlsen, who has been World Champion since 2013, when asked by reporters before the event at the Cochrane Theatre to describe his opponent simply said “Computer!”

Frank said: “I’m a member of Liverpool Chess Club and I was very excited to be asked to join the small group of players visiting the Championship.

“We had a good view and it was a great experience. There were about 100 people present and you watch the game for about 30 minutes through a one-way glass window. I was rooting for Magnus.”

After 12 consecutive draws, Magnus Carlsen won the three rapid chess games as a tie-breaker to retain his World Champion title, held since 2013. Ilya Merenzon, CEO, World Chess, said: “This was chance to witness a battle of the world’s greatest minds with an American playing for the first time in almost 50 years.”

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