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“At the start of the year the Raspberry Pi Club entered a competition ‘to invent something that will help people live healthier lives’. The idea we came up with was an automatic prescription dispenser that worked using the encrypted QR barcodes that are included on prescriptions, given to patients by their doctors. The patient would then take their prescription to the dispensing machine which would read and decrypt the QR barcode, and then dispense the required items. The aim of our project was to make the process of picking up a prescription hassle free and to improve efficiency within the NHS. We called the device Prescription++ and named our team Pi-Scription.

After submitting our project we were selected for the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi final on Tuesday 24th of March, held this year at the National Science Museum in London. After an early morning train to London we arrived at the Science Museum and set up our prototype alongside the other finalists from across the country. After completing a series of activities, including constructing a bridge with only limited number of materials, we visited several of the Museum’s renowned attractions. As the morning progressed we demonstrated our prototype to visitors and prepared ourselves for the arrival of the judges.

In the afternoon we met and explained the details of our project to the judging panel. We were delighted to give an interview to a television crew and to meet with several guests who were attending the event. BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan – Jones was very impressed with our design, and conducted an interview with us via the live streaming service Meerkat. Our final interview of the day with was Electronics Weekly.

At four o’clock, it was time for the awards ceremony to begin, hosted by Maggie Philbin. After a short interview with all the teams in our category we were announced winners of the Year 7 to 11 category. As well as winning £1000 for the school we were also presented with a box of Raspberry Pi accessories which included a solar panel and a hand held screen.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend the competition to anyone who is interested in computing, electronics or programming. We are already looking forward to next year.”

Daniel (Year 9 Shirley), Reshad, Olivia, Ben, Prithvi, Jacob, Matthew (Year 8 Graham).

To read more information about the PA Consulting Raspberry Pi competition please click on the links below.

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