The Blue Coat School

Impact of Covid-19

The school went into national lockdown in March and online and remote provision was delivered to students as best we could in the circumstances. Not all students and a few staff had access to the technology needed so this added an extra challenge to provide what was required. However, the majority of Year 12s were able to access online lessons, assessments, and feedback from their teachers. Support was given on a regular basis to help with any mental health issues students experienced and this was done primarily through our Student Support Team. A lot of teaching time was lost during this period with students and colleagues, as in all schools, doing the best they could to support each other and the students.

From 15 June 2020 until 15 July 2020, Year 12 students attended a schedule of sessions with their subject teachers to provide them with an overview of what they should have covered during lockdown and next steps to prepare them for the return in September 2020.

The school opened in September for all year groups, organised in bubbles. Several students are self-isolating, and this number changes each week.

University applications processes

The UCAS coordinator provided general and specific guidance for Year 13 though Teams and phone calls: all Year 13 received advice before, on and after results day. This was especially pertinent after the move from using exam grades to CAGs. Several students have chosen to sit exams in the Autumn series, take a gap year and apply for 2021.

Year 12 students were sent information about all online opportunities e.g. open days, work experience etc but Covid-19 has had a massive impact on this aspect of preparation for students, especially those needing to fulfil the work experience/volunteering aspect of their application.

All Year 12 were taken through the UCAS process and given clear guidance on choosing courses, checking entry requirements, the personal statement and completing the application. This was done via Teams and individual feedback to students about their personal statements. Year 12 (now Year 13) Form Tutors and Key Stage 5 Leaders were trained on their role in the process. All those writing references were given clear guidelines on their role. Again, this was managed as best we could, but the one to one personal support cannot be replaced.

UCAS Predicted grades

Internal assessments did take place during lockdown and, on return in September, Year 13 did internal assessments to help decide about the predicted grades. The decision to retain the usual deadlines for early applicants, despite the difficult circumstances this year, put everyone under pressure, especially students. A recovery curriculum is in place to support all students. Data from, during and after lockdown contributed to the final prediction, coupled with the usual aspirational feature of this process. This proved more challenging this year due to lockdown and we have been as fair and realistic as we can with this aspect of UCAS.


Contextual data and extra information for University Admissions 2019-2020

In Key Stage 5, the majority of students study three A levels and the EPQ, some will study 4 or five A levels, ability depending. Please click here for further details about the curriculum. To find out more about our Sixth Form please click here.

A level for 2020

GradesNational Data %BCS %
A* - A 43.862.4
A* - B77.786.4
A* - C95.897.1
A* - D99.8100.0

GCSE results at The Blue Coat School 2020

GradesNational Data %BCS %