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Year 12 Autumn Year 12 SpringYear 12 Summer Year 13 Autumn Year 13 Spring

  • Stimulate and maintain student interest and enjoyment in biology
  • Offer students a broad and balanced curriculum, and where possible to provide opportunities to develop skills and gain an understanding of science concepts through first hand experience
  • Make learning in biology relevant to every day life and the world of work
  • Provide opportunities for students to carry out investigations on their own and in groups to foster team work
  • To develop practical skills and techniques that can be employed in a variety of situations as well as those necessary to complete the required practical assessments at GCSE and A Level
  • Employ teaching methods and resources which allow students equal access to biology (irrespective of their gender, ethnicity or ability)
  • Encourage students to be thoughtful citizens by offering them opportunities to reflect on how scientific and technological developments impinge on the environment, personal health and ethics
  • Contribute to the development of the specialist science status of the school.

Upper Sixth

  1. Energy transfer in and between organisms
  2. Organisms respond to changes in the environment
  3. Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
  4. The control of gene expression