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For twenty five years our top young physicists have competed in the prestigious British Physics Olympiad. Set by the University of Oxford and entered by over 1,500 students, the Olympiad seeks to challenge the best physicists in the country, by stretching their ability to apply their extensive knowledge and understanding of physics to unusual situations.

A2 Challenge 2018

We are delighted that Year 13 student Alex has secured a Gold Award in Round 2 of the competition, which involved Alex sitting a three hour paper. Prior to sitting the exam, which included complex questions on electromagnetism and gravitation, Alex had gained a Silver Award in the British Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad. We would like to congratulate Alex on these tremendous achievements and wish him the very best of luck as he prepares to sit his A Level examinations. Alex’s passion for Physics has led to an offer to study Physics at Lincoln College, Oxford.

If you put your finger into a beaker of water that is resting on a balance will the balance reading go up, go down or stay the same? Explain your answer with good physics!

AS Challenge 2018

Seventeen students attempted the hour long paper that provides an excellent tool to assess and challenge a student’s ability to work at Key Stage 5 and beyond. The challenge consists of 10 minutes of thought-provoking multiple choice questions followed by a short answers section which tests subject knowledge and application.

Our Year 12 students were rewarded with two Gold Awards, one Silver Award, eight Bronze Awards and six Commendations.

GCSE Challenge 2018 

This demanding one hour paper was sat by fifty six of our top physics’ students. Once marked the results included one Gold Award, five Silver Awards, plus 31 Bronze Awards, nearly double the national average for Bronze Awards. Well done to all who entered this most trying of physics competitions.

Mr Caulkin MBE

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