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After sixty-three years The Blue Coat School magazine, The Squirrel, loved by past and present students and teachers alike, has stepped into the twenty-first century.

The editorial team, affectionately known throughout the School as the Tufty Club, worked extremely hard in the run up to the Squirrel Blog launch, collating a range of articles and conducting a series of interviews. To ensure a smooth online transition, the team received technical training from web design agency Glow New Media, who guided the team through the new features available to them via an interactive workshop.

Now confident with their new online format, the team have delivered a fantastic modern rendition of the Squirrel Magazine, one which they and the School can be extremely proud of.

By introducing this new platform, the Squirrel Blog provides students of all ages with a passion for writing with an opportunity to report on the wide variety of extra-curricular activities that take place throughout the School year, on a regular basis.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Development Fund supporters, who without their support this transition would not have been possible, as the new blog has been fully funded by the Development Fund.

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