These are exciting times for The Blue Coat School and we are dedicated to achieving academic excellence whilst also nurturing our pupils’ talent and potential. One of our key priorities is to ensure we are able to provide the very best facilities and services to enhance the opportunities for our students, and we are delighted that so many people choose to support the School in a variety of ways.

We are built on philanthropy

It is because of philanthropy that The Blue Coat School is in existence.  In 1708 master mariner Bryan Blundell and Reverend Robert Styth recognised the need for a place to accommodate the poor children of the city of Liverpool where they would be cared for and could learn to read and write. Blundell gave a philanthropic gift and Reverend Styth dedicated his time to setting the school up and we are grateful to this day for their philanthropic vision.

Following on from our Trustees’ decision in 1899 to move the school from its original school buildings in School Lane in the city centre to the ‘countryside of Wavertree’ we received yet further philanthropic support, this time in the form of a legacy gift from of W H Shirley, whom the school’s hall is named after in thanks.

Today philanthropy remains at the heart of the School, indeed the School’s motto is ‘not for oneself but for all’. Our students continue to proudly wear a blue uniform; blue being the colour representing alms-giving and charity.

Working for all

Our students understand and appreciate charitable giving and citizenship and we are proud to have such passionate students who go above and beyond to raise funds for local and national charities. Every school form has a chosen charity which they support throughout the year and we also have a number of fundraising events that run school-wide. We are proud that our students raise over £10,000 each year through their fundraising activities and they often raise far more.

At The Blue Coat School we are delighted to receive so much support from parents, former parents, Old Blues and friends of the School. From Shirley’s major gift in 1899 to many of our current supporters who support us with a monthly gift, each donation makes a significant difference and enables us to give our students the very best education.

Whether you would like to make a donation, pledge a gift to us in your Will or provide skills support and careers guidance your support is greatly appreciated, and we hope you find this area of the website informative and inspiring.

How to make your gift

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Should you wish to find out more about how to support The Blue Coat School please contact our Development Team on 0151 733 1407 ext 207 or at