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The sight and sound of members of staff loudly rowing in the School Library startled many students, but to others it provided valuable clues in solving a fictional murder mystery.

Blue Coat School’s contribution to World Book Day was a week-long series of activities, including quizzes and shared reading, with the most high profile event called Murder By The Book, staged all week in the School Library.

Our student detectives were allowed four minutes each to inspect the crime scene and follow a series of clues to deduct who murdered our (fictional) Assistant Librarian. To add extra excitement, the main suspects stormed into the library to give our bewildered and beleaguered librarian Miss Hamilton a piece of their mind. As accusations were flung to and fro between the role-playing staff, with students listening in for vital clues. 

Miss Hamilton said: “We’ve had a great response to the event with more than 120 students taking part. It’s quite complex as they must cross-reference clues, give a rational explanation as to what’s happened and name the murderer.

“We worked from an established template, but added the staff performances for extra excitement and I want to thank Mrs Hayburn, Mrs Maskell and Mr Kershaw for their very realistic acting!”


This activity was made possible thanks to our Development Fund supporters and Parents’ Association. If you would like to find out more about the Development Fund School please click here

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