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To mark the 2015 General Election The Blue Coat School’s Head of Politics Mr Croxton organised a series of events designed to encourage a greater understanding of Britain’s political system and to raise awareness of the country’s main political parties. The series of events culminated in a mock general election held on Wednesday 6th May.

With over thirty Blue Coat students vying to represent Labour, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and the UK Independence Party, the level of enthusiasm for the mock election was noticeably high. In the run up to the election the crucial vote candidates distributed and displayed their campaign materials around the School in an attempt to persuade Blue Coat voters.

During the final hours of campaigning the five candidates took to the Shirley Hall stage to take part in a heated lunchtime debate. Each candidate was granted just one minute to outline their vision for the next parliament, before answering challenging questions posed by the audience. The passionate debate explored a variety of hot topic issues including the economy, zero–hours contracts, job creation, the European Union and the NHS. It was clear from the high standard of debate that all five candidates had not only thoroughly researched their own party’s manifesto but also their opponents, regularly backing up their arguments with statistics and proposed policies. The coalition powers were routinely forced to defend their record in government, with the audience reminding the Liberal Democrat candidate of the party’s failure to deliver its pledge on tutition fees.

Bringing the debate to a close, Year 11 student Morgan King of the Green Party reminded students that even if they couldn’t vote in the 2015 General Election they are “all the voice of tomorrow.”

The enthusiasm of our politically minded students did not go unnoticed, with The Telegraph’s education reporter Eleanor Dougherty, highlighting the efforts of our students during the mock election campaign. You can read Eleanor’s report by clicking here.



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