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Charity fundraising has always been a big part of the caring attitude of Blue Coat students, well fulfilling the school’s motto of ‘Non sibi sed omnibus’ – not for one, but for all.

The current scene easily matches the benchmarks set in the past, with student’s fundraising for Down Syndrome Liverpool, supported by 7E, seen left; Barnardo’s vulnerable children’s charity, and Paul’s Place, a specialist bereavement counselling service, both supported by L6 students.

Down Syndrome Liverpool is run by parents and carer trustees of people with Down Syndrome. It supports parents, carers, and families who are affected by Down Syndrome and aims to enhance the lives of people with the condition.  

Miss Pinchin, 7E Form Tutor, said: “Down Syndrome is a condition caused by an extra chromosome 21 which is called Trisomy 21. That’s why we held an assembly on Down Syndrome Day 21 March, hence the date 21/03. 

“I am delighted that the Form has chosen to support this amazing charity, they have worked so well together to bring it to the attention of the school.  Watching the team’s two presentations in assembly was a pleasure and I am incredibly proud of how hard they have worked and how brave they were to stand up in front of their peers and present this so eloquently.

“We hope to raise funds in the future to support the great work of the charity and the 7E students gave a terrific initial introduction to it in assembly. Moving forward, the form will work on fundraising and highlighting the charity’s amazing work.”

Thomas, of Year 7E, said: “The reason I was so happy to present to everyone about Down Syndrome Liverpool was because of how amazing all of the parent and carer trustees are and how good the cause is.”

Classmate Olivia, said: “I was really pleased when the form voted for Down Syndrome Liverpool to be the form charity. I was very nervous about the assembly but it was really fun.”

Meantime, Sixth Form students helped to raise more than £200 to support the Barnardo’s ‘Believe in Children’ charity project.  

Students from L6B, seen right, produced a presentation on Barnardo’s work for Year 7 and Sixth Form classes, which was narrated by Eryn, Arshiya, Kate, Jamie, McKewen, Ujjwala, Bimansa, and Guy.

Kate, who is a volunteer at Barnardo’s in Liverpool, said: “I’ve worked at Barnardo’s for almost a year, and I love to contribute and support disadvantaged people. The money we raised was well-received by the charity and greatly helped its efforts.”

Jamie said: “With the help of others in the form, I used my computer skills to put together the presentation on Barnardo’s. It was a great experience.”

Ujjwala said: “I wrote the script for Jamie to work on and gathered other classmates to contribute to our efforts in raising money for the charity by asking them to narrate key details about it.”

Eryn, of L6B, has already raised £807 for Paul’s Place, by organising two sponsored netball tournaments for the Sixth Form which received fantastic support from students, shown top. She is also planning a school hike up Mount Snowdon to raise further funds. 

Key Stage 5 Leaders Mrs Rawlins, seen left with Heads of School Tim and Lucy, both U6, and Barnardo staff at its Hunts Cross shop, and Mrs Bennett both agreed that this was a tremendous achievement by the L6B students and thanked them for all their efforts with special mention to Eryn, Arshiya, Kate, Jamie, McKewen, Ujjwala, Bimansa and Guy.

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