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On Monday 2nd March Shirley Hall was a hive of mathematical activity as students from Years 7-11 took part in the highly competitive Maths Relay challenge, a firm favourite in the House Competition calendar. Working together in teams of four and five students from Shirley, Blundell, Bingham and Graham sought to complete as many maths problems as possible in the allocated time. Keeping count of the all important scores, Year 12 and 13 students acted as markers throughout the day. This year’s event was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff alike.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Results of the House Competition are as follows:

  • Yr 7 1st – Graham, 2nd – Bingham/Blundell, 4th – Shirley
  • Yr 8 1st – Graham, 2nd – Blundell/Shirley, 4th – Bingham
  • Yr 9 1st – Shirley, 2nd – Bingham, 3rd – Blundell, 4th – Graham
  • Yr 10 1st – Shirley, 2nd – Graham, 3rd – Bingham, 4th – Blundell
  • Yr 11 1st – Bingham, 2nd – Graham, 3rd – Blundell, 4th – Shirley


The winning team in each Year was:

  • Yr 7 – Alex Dunn, Gabriel Haywood, Michael Gillin, Parth Patel (Shirley)
  • Yr 8 – Ben Simcock, Ahmed Shauq, Lawrence Chen, Sam Mackenzie, Alex Barnett (Graham)
  • Yr 9 – Eddie Smith, Matthew Woodhouse, Mayce Ho, Fran Congues, Heidi Li (Shirley)
  • Yr 10 – Georgia Stevens, Eleanor Maguire, Kate Tinsley, Andrew Kean, Jason Smith (Bingham)
  • Yr 11 – Ivan Myring, Sam Jones, Adam McBreen, Will Evans (Graham)

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