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With all eyes on America as the country prepares to head to the polls, in one of the most eagerly anticipated presidential elections in recent years, Blue Coat students and staff are also preparing to cast their ballot in our very own mock presidential election.  

All 50 states have been assigned to form groups and departments and in the run-up to our mock election, students and staff will be provided with a virtual whistle-stop tour of their assigned state’s political identity, including voting history and key issues such as jobs and infrastructure. To minimise the current impact of personality politics on voting behaviour, the names of Donald Trump and Joe Biden will not appear on the ballot paper as presidential candidates.

Due to current COVID restrictions our team of Sixth Form Democrat and Republican party officials will be unable to campaign in the usual way, but form time activities such as virtual opinion polls, will provide our party officials with a chance to decipher “safe” states and “battleground” states, where they may wish to focus their campaigns. Posters promoting state identity will be distributed by party officials as well as campaign videos. After half term students and staff will also have the chance to tune in for a virtual presidential debate, before casting their vote. To help educate our students more fully about American democracy, the ballot paper will enable voters to vote in congressional elections too.

To view our campaigning parties’ main election videos as well as our Blue Coat News Election Special, please click here

Our thanks go to Dr. Wainwright and his team of Sixth Form party officials for organising this popular event.  

We look forward to sharing the result of our Blue Coat mock presidential election with you in early November.

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