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This year seven Year 13 chemists volunteered to enter the UK Chemistry Olympiad, the leading chemistry competition for secondary school students. Designed to challenge and inspire, the competition provides an enriching and unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in the chemistry field. During the two-hour exam, the country’s budding chemists also develop and enhance their critical problem-solving skills, learn to think more creatively and test their knowledge in new, real-world situations.

With the results now in, we are thrilled to reveal this year’s stunning chemistry podium line-up. All seven competitors, Sai, Raymond, Adelina, Tommy, Megan, Vinnus, and Latif, achieved a place in the top three prestigious categories: two Bronze, three Silver and two Gold awards. Demonstrating their talent and ability to set aside the additional challenges posed by Covid restrictions.

Reflecting on the competition, Adelina remarked: “I enjoyed taking part in the Chemistry Olympiad as I could apply my A-level chemistry knowledge to challenging questions in unknown contexts. Also, it has been good to see what I am capable of, which improved my confidence. I would definitely recommend taking part in this great opportunity as you can only gain from this experience.”

Tommy stated: “I thought my participation in the Chemistry Olympiad was a fantastic way of broadening my A-level knowledge to the best of my abilities as well as engaging with the subject even further. It was difficult but stimulating and I’m glad to have taken part in this challenge.”

For Raymond: “It was quite stressful as we had to do the exam online,” with Sai adding, “The security was tight, and you had to show that you weren’t using other devices!”

Mrs Maskell, Head of Chemistry, said: “This was a fantastic achievement given the difficult circumstances. The Olympiad is a nationally recognised competition for the best Sixth Form chemists and is run by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

“A Gold award puts students in the top nine percent of Olympiad entrants nationally. Congratulations to all of our students involved and my thanks also to Mr Cowan for his work as exam marker.”


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