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On Thursday 5th November Blue Coat students sat the Senior Maths Challenge, a 90 minute multiple-choice problem-solving paper aimed at students in Year 11, 12 and 13. Approximately 100,000 students from across the UK sat the Challenge, with roughly the top 10% receiving a Gold certificate, the next 20% Silver and the next 30% Bronze.

This year our talented mathematicians achieved an impressive 14 Gold, 40 Silver and 46 Bronze certificates, with nine students also qualifying for the Senior Kangaroo follow-on round on Friday 27th November.

Congratulations to all students who took part but special mention should be made of Jonathan Liu who was awarded a Gold Certificate in Year 10 and Robert Paraoan, Mohammed Salam, Yvonne Lam and Katie Burt who were awarded a Silver Certificate in Year 10.

Gold Certificate Winners (*Senior Kangaroo Qualifiers):
Kenny Barraclough*, Isabella Wignall*, Ryan Veryard*, Thomas Smith*, Michael Hughes*, Max Thelan, Alex Hopkins, Chanelle Kadiri, Sam Jones*, Joseph Day-Evans*, Adam Moorcroft*, Adam McBreen*, Alex Gaffney and Jonathan Liu.

Two sample questions from this year’s Senior Maths Challenge are:

What is ? 2015² − 2016 × 2014

A -2015    B -1    C 0    D 1    E 2015

When Louise had her first car, 50 litres of petrol cost £40. When she filled up the other day, she noticed that 40 litres of petrol cost £50.
By approximately what percentage has the cost of petrol increased over this time?

A 50%    B 56%    C 67%    D 75%    E 80%   

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