The Blue Coat School has a variety of clubs and societies which engage students and give them opportunities to discover new interest or explore concepts outside of the curriculum.

A member of staff is responsible for each activity but we encourage students themsevles to generate the ideas and drive to make each society successful.


    Art Club
    Monday 12.30 - 13.30 Art Department All Year
    Tuesday 12.30 - 13.30 Art Department All Year
    Wednesday 15.30 - 16.30Art Department All Year
    Thursday 12.30 - 13.30Art Department All Year
    Friday 12.30 - 13.30Art Department All Year
    Art department open for enjoyment of all or for the completion of existing artwork/coursework
    Business Leaders
    Wednesday12.35 - 13.25 W22Year 9 Miss Hutchings
    Business leaders will be running a series of enterprises for charitable causes. They will be involved in a Christmas fair and trading day.
    Computer Club
    Wednesday 12:45 - 13.30 S02Year 7 - Year 13Mr Giblin
    Computing club will be accessible to all students of varying age and ability.
    Computing club will encourage learners to build projects and develop their technical skills in a less formal setting. Students will be consulted with to gauge which aspects of computing the majority are interested in.
    Any external competitions will be supported during this time.
    Economics Society
    Wednesday 12.30 - 13.30W22Year 12 - Year 13Mr Farrell
    The Economics society run debates, talks and competitions such as a Share for Schools.
    Junior History Society
    Thursday12.30 - 13.30 C11Year 7 & 8Students and History and Politics prefects
    The Junior History Society is an apportunity for young historians to meet to study topics that are not necessarily on the school syllabus.
    There are games, videos and presentations as History prefects bring the past to life.
    Music Extra-Curricular Activities  
    Monday 12.35 - 13.05Concert Band All Year Groups N18 Miss Horton
    Wednesday 12.35 - 13.05Jazz Band All Year Groups N18Miss Horton
    Wednesday 15.30 - 16.45Senior Choir Year 8 - 13N18Mr Emery
    Thursday 12.30 - 13.05Senior Orchestra All Year Groups N18Mr Emery
    Chamber Choir Year 8 - 13N18 Mr Emery
    Training ChoirYear 7 & 8 N17Mr Emery
    The Senior Orchestra rehearses for perfromances at all school concerts and at A Level prize giving. Entry is open to students who have acheived the required grade standard.
    Concert Band features music from films, disney, rock, pop and jazz. The concert band play at formal and informal events within school and is desgined to support students with their ensemble playing and sight-reading skills.
    Jazz Band features jazz from all decades, New Orleans, Swing/Big Band, cool Jazz and jazz arrangements of popular songs. This group is desgined for students who are at a more advanced level on their instrument from grade 5 plus to support with ensemble/sight-reading skills.
    The Jazz Band performs at many formal and informal events within school.
    The Chamber Choir rehearses for performances at all school concerts and external events. Entry is open to all students in Year 8-13 and a short audition piece is required. The audition piece is the first page of Locus Iste by Bruckner or a piece of similar standard for solo voice.
    Chamber choir is for those students who wish to develop their singin beyond Senior choir in a small group context. Most memberbers of Chamber Choir undertake singing tuition.
    The senior choir rehearses for performances at all school concerts, A Level Prize Giving and external events and competitions. The choir undertake an international tour every two years.
    Entry is open to all students in Years 8-13 and a short audtion is required. The audtion piece is the first verse of Once in Royal David’s City. Audtions are held in September each year.
    The training choir rehearse for performances at all school concerts and external events. Entry is open to all students in Years 7-8 and a short audtion is required. The audtion piece is the first verse of One MOre Step Along the Road I Go and audtions are held in September each year.
    Physics Society
    Friday 12.30 - 13.30 NO3 Year 12 and Year 13 Mr Doherty
    “It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong “– Richard P. Feynman
    Philosophy Club
    Thursday 12.30 - 13.30Year 7 & 8W02
    Debate, discussion and activities focussing on ‘Big Questions’. Topics include Should we all be vegetarian? Is there life on other planets?
    Life after death, What is love?
    Developing communication skills as well as analysis and evaluation.
    Psychology Society

    12.30 - 13.30W10Year 11Ms Murphy and Year 13 prefects
    Small groups of Year 13 students will select a current topic in Physchology, the first being Criminology, and present upon selected areas.
    Discussion is encouraged.

    Tuesday 12.30 - 13.00Year 8Sports Hall
    Wednesday 12.30 - 13.00Year 9 & 11Sports Hall
    Friday 12.30 - 13.30Year 8 & 9 Sports Hall
    Friday15.30 - 17.00Year 11Sports Hall


Monday 15:30 - 17.00 Year 7 & 8 School Field
Wednesday 15:30 - 17.00 Year 8/9/10School Field
Thursday15.30 - 17.001st XI Sixth Form School Field

Thursday 15.30 - 16.30Year 10 & 11Sports Hall

Table Tennis
Monday 12.30 - 12.55Year 9Dance Studio
Monday 12.55 - 13.20Year 8 Dance Studio
Thursday 15.30 - 17.00Year 12 / 13Dance Studio

    Monday 12:30 - 13.30 Year 7 & 8 Sports Hall
    Monday 15:30 - 17.00 Year 9/10/11Sports Hall
    Wednesday 15:30 - 17.00 Year 7 & 8 Sports Hall (or League Games)
    Thursday 12.30 - 13.30Year 9/10/11Sports Hall


Tuesday 12:30 - 13.30 Year 9/10/11Astro Turf
Wednesday 12:30 - 13.30 Year 7 & 8Astro Turf
Thursday 15.30 - 17.00All YearsAstro Turf


Dance Club
Wednesday 12:30 - 13.30 All Years Dance Studio
    To create an enjoyable and productive working environment for both staff and pupils, where we strive to actively engage to learn and improve and where pupils develop physical, social and mental well-being through a Balanced Active Healthy Lifestyle.
    As a department, we aim to provide a challenging, disciplined and safe environment for high quality extra curricular activities. Students should experience a range of activities which have the necessary coherence and breadth to promote the importance of educating through the physical the holistic benefits of continued participation in physical activity.
    Through a high quality Physical Education curriculum, each student will be empowered with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make informed lifestyle choices that directly impacts upon his/her health and well-being.

    Chemistry Clinic
    Thursday 12.30 - 13.30 Year 12 and Year 13N11Mrs Maskell
    Students can come along and work, get help with difficulties or ask about points of interest in Chemistry.
    Religious Studies
    Wednesday12.30 - 13.30W02Year 11Mrs Treharne
    Opportunity for revision, catchup work, working on intervention targets or 1-1 with class teacher. Revision sessions after Christmas

    ArtArt ClubComputer ClubArt ClubArt Club
    Concert BandChemistry Club KS4+KS5Economics SocietyJunior History ClubPhysics Society
    Chemistry Club KS3Year 8 BasketballJazz BandNetball Year 9/10/11Year 8+9 Basketball
    Netball Year 7/8Year 9+11 BasketballPhilosophy Club
    Year 8+9 Table TennisSenior Orchestra

    Football Year 7 and 8Art ClubChemistry OlympiadBasketball Year 11
    Netball Year 9,10 and 11Football Year 8,9 and 10GCSE Handball Yr10+11
    Netball Year 7 and 8
    Senior Choir

The DofE award at the Blue Coat is thriving, last year a total of 272 students participated in the bronze, silver and Gold awards. Within Merseyside the Blue Coat school has the highest percentage of possible candidates taking part in the DofE award at over all three levels.

All awards are offered through school. Year 9 begin with the bronze award and then in year 10 they take on the silver. During Year 11 the students have a break while they complete their GCSEs and once they return in Year 12 they are offered the gold award.

When your child does their DofE programme they’ll develop the skills and attitudes they need to become more rounded, confident adults. Qualities that colleges, universities and employers are attracted to. So when you put your backing behind your child’s pursuit of a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, you’re investing in valuable skills. Setting the tone for a lifetime of achievement.

You’ll see all kinds of new talents bloom in your child as they achieve their award including; self-belief, a sense of identity, initiative, a sense of responsibility, a real awareness of their strengths, new talents and abilities, the ability to learn from and give to others in the community, problem solving, presentation and communication skills, leadership and team working skills

With such high numbers we are lucky enough to have staff members that work alongside, Miss Baker, Mrs Heath, Miss Long, Mr Owens, Mr Carney and Mr Caulkin are just some of the staff members that offer their support along with Mr Lennon and Mrs Preston our associate staff.

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    Saturday 1 February 2020 – In-school theory training
    Saturday 21 March to Sunday 22 March 2020 – Practice Expedition
    Saturday 25 April to Sunday 26 April 2020 – Qualifying Expedition
    Friday 5 June to Sunday 7 June 2020 – Practice Expedition
    Friday 26 June to Sunday 28 June 2020 – Qualifying Expedition
    Friday 1 May to Sunday 3 May 2020 – Practice Expedition
    Thursday 21 May to Sunday 24 May – Qualifying Expedition