Careers Information Advice Guidance is a significant part of the school’s provision, helping students make effective decisions and choices about their future career plans and next steps, especially at post-16 and post-18. CIAG is delivered to all students through a variety of methods.

Through our careers programme, linked strongly to The Gatsby Benchmarks, developed through the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, we aim to:

• provide comprehensive information and advice
• support aspirations and student progression
• promote equality of opportunity and challenge stereotypes
• respond to the needs of each learner
• develop strong skills of reflection and action planning, enabling students to manage their next steps with impact
• provide students with the knowledge and understanding required to make informed decisions and choices about their future

The delivery of the careers programme for students in Years 7-11 is done mainly through Personal Development lessons. Other vehicles are: form tutor time, year group and KS assemblies, external visitors such as employers and guest speakers, curriculum, Careers Fair, employability interviews and advisory meetings.

For further information or to access a number of careers websites please click here.

Final destinations for University places can be found here.

In KS3, the focus of CIAG is to help students:

  • understand themselves and what influences them
  • investigate what opportunities are available to them in learning and work
  • identify their interests

Please click here for further details about our careers programme and progression map for Key Stage 3.

In KS4, the programme becomes more specific as we support students through the transition to post 16 plans by:

  • raising students’ self-awareness
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • increasing awareness of occupational opportunities
  • developing planning skills
  • investigating 16+ study skills and promoting the notion of lifelong learning

Please click here for further details about our careers programme and progression map for Key Stage 4.

In KS5, students have a fortnightly CIAG lesson as part of Enrichment, and every alternate Monday afternoon to attend careers talks and explore the world of work.

Please click here for further details about our careers programme and progression maps for Key Stage 5.

The school will provide additional and appropriate targeted support for any student who is vulnerable, disadvantaged or has specific additional needs both for post 16 and post 18 transitions.

You can find Labour Market Information (LMI) here.

A variety of approaches is adopted to enable students to learn from the workplace and employers. For further information on this topic please click here.

Ms Lynette A Holland
Assistant Headteacher and Careers Leader
Personal Development and CIAG
(Careers Information, Advice and Guidance)