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Baroque music provides the ideal way to break the habit of constantly looking at mobile phones, claims musicologist Alberto Sanna, who is giving a new series of lessons in early string music at Blue Coat School.

Dr Sanna, a director of Early Music As Education charity, said: “Generally people now only look at their mobile phones, but in a small, compact Baroque music ensemble they are forced to look at each other for an hour – that can only be a good thing!”

In a new Music Department initiative, Dr Sanna and fellow tutor Elizabeth Elliott and Donatella Paiano are teaching a group of 14 Grade 5 and above students in the secrets of how 18th century music is played with one hour weekly lessons.

He said: “The Blue Coat group has huge potential and I am very impressed with them and the size of this group. What we will teach them is a very different style to orchestral music today. It is a pleasure to be here teaching music skills which the students would never get except maybe in a capital city.”

Born in Sardinia, Dr Sanna’s experience includes studying at Milan and in the US, lecturing at Oxford University and Senior Music Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University.

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