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Two talented Year 11 linguists have been accepted onto a prestigious Language Masterclass course run by Trinity College, Cambridge.

Alfie and Sam are considering reading languages at Cambridge or Oxford and applied for places on the year-long online Zoom programme, organised by Trinity College.

The programme is designed to bring language learning to life, build confidence in speaking languages and “make learning a language exciting for young people,” according to the college.

On a more practical level, it is part of a drive to inspire students to continue with their languages beyond GCSE, to demonstrate the value of learning other languages and cultures in the working world, raise aspirations towards Higher Education, and show them all the different course options and languages on offer at Cambridge.

Alfie said: “The first Zoom was about Japanese, which we’re not studying at Blue Coat. But it was very interesting as an example of what they teach and how they do it.”

Sam said: “Former students also provided an insight into the courses and their experiences. We’ll take A Levels in French and Spanish, but this was a taste of other courses, and how the different colleges work.”

“The course is about extending your knowledge and showing how languages could give you an opportunity to work abroad.”

Alfie added: “We applied for this course as we’re both very interested in languages and how you can use them.”

We’d like to wish Alfie and Sam the very best of luck as they continue with their online masterclass. 

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