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When students come to Shirley Hall, they should arrive via the Clock Tower Entrance for 9.00 am to collect their results. Please ensure that students have with them:

  • contact numbers for their Firm and Conditional Offers for University places, in case phone calls need to be made
  • their UCAS Personal ID and username: only students have this information and it is very important they have this with them

Many staff will be in School to offer congratulations, advice and continuing assistance to ensure that, wherever possible, everyone has access to either an appropriate and suitable university place, or suitable training or employment, in the days that follow. An independent careers adviser will be available to support students, if required.

If students cannot attend Results Day, they need to email either with the name of the person who can collect the results on their behalf or give a contact email so that Mrs Thomas can email their results, but this will not be until later on in the day. This email MUST belong to the student. Students should be prepared by bringing a method of payment with them if they need to request any priority reviews from the Examination Boards, where students’ marks are close to the required grade boundary for entries.

Adjustment and Clearing 2018
Students who perform better than expected on Results Day can apply through Adjustment, by searching for courses with higher grade requirements than their original choices; this facility is available from Results Day.

Students who do not meet any offers are eligible for the Clearing process. There is plenty of very useful information on the UCAS website about various aspects of the process. Official vacancy lists in courses and Universities are published on the UCAS website and in the national media following the publication of exam results in August. Students can upload a further choice, if not successful with their firm and insurance offers, form 3.00 p.m. on Results Day.

For further details on any aspects of the process, please check out the UCAS website and check emails. The website is: and the helpline number is 0371 468 0 468.

We wish all Year 13 every success and hope that all the students in the year group will have much to celebrate on August 16th!

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