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We were saddened to hear the news that Old Blue Simon Cubells from the Class of 1990 passed away in December after a long battle with cancer.

Simon was Head of School and was described in the Squirrel Prefect Files as ‘Mr Popular‘. He was also a keen sportsman and musician and delivered a memorable performance as Prince Charming in the school panto Cinderella.

It has been heartwarming to receive so many messages from Simon’s school friends, here is a small selection of those messages.

“A brilliant brain, a kind heart, and always the warmest smile. And liked, in one sphere or another, by pretty much everyone.”

Chris, Old Blue, Class of 1990

“Whenever someone passes away we hear things like how they were well liked, witty and a wonderful person and so on. In Simon’s case it was all true. No exaggeration or embellishment is needed. A genuinely top bloke and gentleman of the first order.”

Tamsil, Old Blue, Class of 1991

“After leaving Blue Coat in the summer of 1990, Simon’s lust for life and sense of adventure couldn’t fail to rub off on me as he persuaded me that a fortnight on the Costa Brava would not suffice and we embarked on our first of many trips, sampling a number of European countries with our ‘InterRail’ passes.

The following year it became clear that this excursion was simply a taster or precursor to a much more ambitious itinerary, whereby we ended up visiting 20+ European countries in just four weeks, with backpacks on and surviving on ham baguettes and bottled water. We arrived back in the UK, skinny and sunburned, senses expanded by the sights, sounds and smells of numerous places in a pre-Euro Europe, including a post-unification Germany and, to the horror of our parents, a war-torn Yugoslavia. Despite our ‘poor student’ status, Simon, ever resourceful, always found ways for us to raise funds for our adventures, and would relentlessly apply for travel grants and bursaries, which would require us to carry out a research project of some kind, followed by a report, feature or article for the benefit of other travellers or students. Simon always approached these necessary conditions of receiving the bursaries with enthusiasm, viewing them as a challenge and not a chore.

A further mega road trip around North America followed in 1993, during which we clocked up an impressive number of miles, driving from Florida to Toronto and back via New Orleans; quite an impressive feat for a couple of 21 year olds who were barely old enough to be insured on a hire car!

Throughout our memorable travels, Simon was consistently kind, humorous, tremendous fun, spontaneous, a true gentleman with everyone we met and mature beyond his years. Simon’s wordly wisdom, evident at such a young age, and his ability to negotiate his way around so many different places, people, cultures and currencies and, particularly the languages that he had worked so hard to perfect whilst at Blue Coat, was nothing short of impressive. I will continue to remember our trips with amusement, fondness and admiration for a man who started as he meant to go on!”

Siobhan, a close friend

“Simon was a very good friend to many of us in the Blue Coat, especially me. He and his family took me in as a lodger when my parents moved abroad. He was a popular character and an excellent choice to be Head Boy in Upper Sixth. Apart from being extremely intelligent he was also a very good sportsman, excelling in the likes of squash amongst others. He was also an excellent pianist.

What sticks out for me though is that Simon had a wide range of friends from different backgrounds and with very different personalities. It is a credit to him that he had the character and likeability to mix in any circle.

On a light note I would like to say that I always believed that Simon was at the very least bordering on genius but he also committed some hilarious gaffes. Those who know him best will know what I’m talking about. I only have to mention diving boards, nudist beaches and toilet roll in Spain. That should jog a few memories for the likes of Sangy and Wally. I also recently saw his dance off on YouTube. I wish I could have been there to witness it live. I’ve never seen such bad moves. Buenas noches amigo.”

Carlos, Old Blue, Class of 1990

At the start of the year it was announced that Old Blue Stan Livingston from the Class 1957 had passed away.

Stan, an extremely dedicated and active member of the Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues Association Committee, was a former President of the Association and served as Treasurer for many years. A lively and popular member of the Association, Stan always had a cheerful smile and a willingness to help anybody.

Stan’s passion for music led to the creation of his mobile disco. Renowned locally, seventy-five year old Stan could be found most Friday and Saturday nights at various parties.

His kind generosity and youthful spirit will be greatly missed.

Any Old Blues that have recently passed away are remembered during a minute’s silence at the Old Blues’ Association’s Quarterly Meetings. Should you wish to inform the School of the passing of an Old Blue please contact the Development Team at

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