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Launching in July, with financial support from the MBNA Foundation and the Development Fund amounting to £6,150 our founding Eco-Committee members have wasted no time in recruiting representatives from across the School.

Setting out their agenda, the committee are seeking to apply for Eco School status, an international programme which aims to help schools make sustainability an integral part of school life.

Reporting on their progress to date, founding committee members Hillary and Lucy from Year 11:

“Since the beginning of the school year, our Eco- Committee has made a series of important steps and much needed changes. Twenty six eager environmentalists now make up our Eco-Committee council. The interview process was hard as we had so many amazing candidates but thankfully there will be countless opportunities for everyone to get involved in the future.

Our deputies and representatives now have an opportunity to voice the opinions of their year groups in our regular meetings. We recently welcomed Mr Burke, Head of Blue Coat Facilities and Services to one of our meetings, to explain to us how much our canteen staff and site staff are doing to help reduce waste and energy usage. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received from staff who are willing to help make Blue Coat as Eco-Friendly as possible.

A piece of interesting research conducted by the Eco-Committee is the recent Transport Survey, which involved all staff and students in the school. The survey was designed to tell us how we could improve the transport department, but also to let every person reflect on their carbon footprint and how they could reduce it. After adding up the results, we found that the most Eco-Friendly year group, in terms of transport, were Years 9,11 and 12, with 11 Bingham having the lowest carbon footprint in the School! Well done 11 Bingham!

In order to use our grant wisely, 420 trees were ordered and planted on the schools Playing Fields, with representatives from Years 11 and 13 helping Mr Settle to plant them. We are also planning to spend some of our grant on a sensory garden that will benefit the biodiversity surrounding our School. Everyone will be able to take part in planting, growing and maintaining this important feature. Students will soon be able to access leaflets and information relating to Climate Change, what an eco-School is and how we can have a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle in and out of school. The next few terms are going be very busy for the Eco-Council, no doubt!

But perhaps the biggest piece of news, however is that our school is officially applying for the Bronze Eco School Award! We only need to complete a few more tasks before applying, for example finalising our action plan, but before long Blue Coat could be on it’s way for the coveted Green Flag award – something only presented to the most sustainable schools. None of this, however, could be made possible without the amazing support of our Development Fund supporters, Development Team, staff, parents and Old Blues. Without their help, we truly do not know where we would be and the Eco-Committee is forever grateful for your continued support.”

If you would like further information about Development Fund or if you would like to join our growing community of supporters please click here or contact the Development Team at 

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