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The newly launched Physics Club’s first elected President, Tabitha of Year 13, promises to broaden the appeal of Physics outside the curriculum and address ‘the big questions’ about the subject that affects us all.

The Physics Club existed in various forms before, but had lapsed for several years. Blue Coat Head of Physics, Mr Doherty, suggested a revival was well overdue and his A Level students enthusiastically rose to the challenge. Year 13 student Aidan was elected to the position of Vice President.

The club meets weekly on Thursday lunchtimes during term time, with speakers from among Blue Coat’s Physics A Level students. It is also planned to invite guest speakers such as Old Blues Professor Simon Hands, from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at University of Liverpool, and Professor Roger Jones, Head of Physics at Lancaster University.

Tabitha, who took part in the national Physics Olympiad Challenge and attended an Oxford University Physics Open Day, said: “We’ve had great support for the club from Physics students, and it really will be led by them and what they are interested in and what they want to know.

“I think by asking the students to give talks they can pass on their enthusiasm for certain aspects of Physics and stimulate other people’s interest. This means we can go off the curriculum and ask the big questions which the subject deals with on a higher level.

“It will be great to have outside guest speakers, like Old Blues who have made Physics their career. I’m inspired by the way Physics shows the way in which things all fit together, how you can break complex things down and then you can work back to where you started. I plan to read Physics at university and probably go into research and lecturing.”

Mr Doherty said: “The club’s all about getting like-minded people together to share their interests to work beyond the syllabus. I’m delighted by the good support from the students for the club.

“I’m delighted Tabitha was elected Physics Club President as the number of girls taking A Level Physics is shockingly low. She’s a great role model as the sector is missing out on so much brains and talent. This is in spite of Physics making a massive contribution to critical issues that affect everyone like climate change and energy security.”

Currently, the club is open to A Level students only, but the plan is to expand it to other years once established and covid restrictions are relaxed.

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