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Our Latin curriculum gives students the opportunity to explore the language, literature, and culture of the ancient Romans. By studying the grammar and vocabulary of the Latin language, we develop students’ literacy, providing them with a love for language, an understanding of the origin of words in contemporary European languages, and rigour when analysing language. Reading Roman literature affords students the chance to explore themes of perennial interest in the human condition, and an appreciation of the debt subsequent authors owe to the Romans. The study of Roman culture helps students to locate their own culture and civilisation as emerging from the ancient world, thus expanding the horizon of their views and philosophy. Exploring Roman mythology ignites their imagination and inspires them to be creative in re-imagining how reality is perceived. Latin students relish the academic challenge of this language and are thereby equipped with the literary, linguistic, and analytic skills which can be applied to every kind of career.

Please find below the Curriculum Mapping for each Key Stage. Please note that Curriculum Maps are currently under review.