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Our focus on character education is central to the culture, values, and vision of our school. We combine a rigorous and stimulating academic education with wider personal development. This helps to nurture students to become well-educated, rounded, and responsible young adults.

Our aim is to provide a rich learning environment through a co-curriculum which focuses on the provision of a series of high-quality activities across a wide range of different domains.

These activities complement the core curriculum and support students’ intellectual, moral, emotional, social, creative, and physical development. They are an integral and essential part of a holistic education in which we recognise that individuals flourish in supportive and positive surroundings, where their abilities and talents are encouraged and acknowledged.

The programme is designed to provide a variety of activities that challenge and give every student the opportunity to build, not only on their existing expertise but also to discover new interests.

Through co-curricular involvement our students will:

  • Develop qualities such as resilience and self-motivation
  • Develop life skills such as leadership, teamwork, confidence, communication, and time management
  • Appreciate the importance of long-term commitments
  • Improve and enhance their mental health and well-being
  • Acquire positive moral attributes and values such as courage, honesty, and integrity

Our provision will help students understand the importance of treating others with respect and tolerance, and they will leave school equipped fully to meet the challenges and possibilities presented in adult life.