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Encounters with Employers and the Workplace

A variety of approaches is adopted to enable students to learn from the workplace and employers. This is done through a range of enrichment activities, including visiting speakers, mentoring and enterprise schemes, voluntary work, work experience and should include learners’ own part-time employment where it exists.

In KS3 and KS4, students will be able to engage with employers in the Careers Fair, through talks, interviews and assemblies, where they will learn about the world of work.

In KS5 students are given time in their day as follows:

  • Year 12 during week 1 on Mondays, lessons 4 and 5
  • Year 13 during week 2 on Mondays, lessons 4 and 5

This time is used for a variety of activities, including talks from professionals, university admissions and specialist areas. During the spring term from January to April, KS5 students are asked to arrange work experience and/or voluntary work in this time. Preparation for this is covered in CIAG lessons in the autumn term, where students explore the rationale behind effective and productive work experience and volunteering. Students are given the chance to reflect on what they have learned about themselves and to identify key areas for development, to help prepare them for their future plans and the world of work.

The vast majority of work experience is done during holidays, at weekends and in Monday afternoon allocation (for KS5). Any student whose future plans and application necessitates further essential work experience, not covered through these channels, needs to request this through the absence request form.

We are very fortunate to have an extensive link with our Old Blues and they are more than willing to come into school and talk to students about their experiences in their profession. We work closely with The Careers and Enterprise Company, which is always looking for ways to promote professional links with the school.

If you or your business would like to support our Careers Programme or would like further information please contact:

Mrs. S. O’Rourke
Deputy Headtacher (Behaviour & Welfare)