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All Staff List

Staff List 2023-24

Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs E Bakstad (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs A Hughes (Director of Resources)
  • Mrs S O’Rourke (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs J Baker (Seconded Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs S Edwards (Assistant Headteacher SENDCO)
  • Mrs L Hayburn (Assistant Director of Resources)
  • Miss L Nock (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr D Penney (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr M Watkins (Assistant Headteacher)


Art, Design and Technology

  • Mr L Ainsworth (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Mr M Cain (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mrs L Graham (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mrs S Kerr
  • Mr G Murphy


  • Mrs N Elliott (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Mrs E Bakstad (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Mrs S Bruce (Head of EPQ)
  • Mrs S Lewis
  • Miss R Nganwa 
  • Miss D Pinchin
  • Miss G Roberts


  • Mrs M Maskell (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Ms M Burke
  • Mr S Lewis
  • Miss E Roberts
  • Miss N Sedgwick


  • Mr R Brittain (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Mrs K Bennett
  • Miss I Bosworth
  • Mrs H Conway  (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr T Martin
  • Mrs D McGain
  • Miss E Mooney 
  • Mrs S O’Rourke (Deputy Headteacher)


  • Mr G Jones (Curriculum Team Leader and Project Lead)
  • Mr S Frost
  • Mr M Haslem (Key Stage Leader)
  • Miss E Nock (Assistant Headteacher/Head of PD)

History and Politics

  • Mrs L Heery (Curriculum Team Leader) 
  • Miss C Brindle (Project Lead)
  • Ms L Holland
  • Mr C Houseman
  • Dr P Wainwright (Acting Curriculum Team Leader and School Archive Lead)


  • Mr J Adamson (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Miss S Bermejo Albinana (Subject Coordinator and ITT Lead)
  • Miss S Davies 
  • Dr D Lawell (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr J O’Brien
  • Miss K Rowe
  • Mrs M Sanchez 
  • Miss N Willox


Mathematics and Computing

  • Miss E Lunney (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Mr J Ashton (Subject Co-ordinator)
  • Ms S Barwell (Key Stage Leader and Project Lead)
  • Mrs G Burnham
  • Mrs M Derringer
  • Mr S Fee (Key Stage Leader)
  • Mrs L Jones (Project Lead)
  • Miss C O’Hara
  • Mr D Penney (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs S Salter (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr S Shipgood
  • Mr M Stokes (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr A Withers


  • Mr S Emery (Director of Music and Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Miss C Horton

Physical Education

  • Mr P Phelan (Curriculum Team leader)
  • Mrs J Baker (Seconded Assistant Headteacher/Key Stage Leader)
  • Mr J Bygroves
  • Mrs S Bygroves (Key Stage Leader)
  • Mr E Carney (Subject Coordinator)
  • Miss P Hughes (DofE Coordinator)


  • Mr B Doherty (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Miss C Carter
  • Mr K Gale
  • Dr P Jackson
  • Dr P Wilde

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

  • Mr M Farrell (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Mrs S Edwards (Assistant Headteacher/SENDCO)
  • Mrs S Forster
  • Miss A Murphy (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mrs J Rawlins (Key Stage Leader and Project Lead)
  • Mrs E Treharne (Subject Coordinator)
  • Mr M Watkins (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mrs A Weston 

Key Stage Leaders


Behaviour and Welfare

Progress and Achievement

Key Stage 3

Mrs J Baker

Mr M Haslem

Key Stage 4

Mrs S Bygroves

Mr S Fee

Key Stage 5

Mrs J Rawlins

Ms S Barwell


Support Team Leaders

  • Mrs C Cobain  (Student Support Team Leader)
  • Mrs L Kidd (Admin Coordinator)
  • Mr A Melia (Finance Team Leader)
  • Miss S Shaw (Catering Coordinator)
  • Mr R Smyth (Estates Coordinator)
  • Miss K Speed (IT Coordinator)

All staff list is available to download below in PDF format.