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Welcome to The Blue Coat School

It is an immense privilege to be part of a community as strong as ours. It has taken over 300 years for our school to grow and evolve, and because of that we have a rich and distinctive history and heritage.

We do not, however, look to the past. The Blue Coat School is an exciting and vibrant place, full of individuals who come together to ensure our students are ready to grasp the opportunities that await them in their futures.

This is not, however, simply ensuring young people leave us with impressive academic results. While it is no secret of the fact that we are delighted that we are consistently named in the top three schools in the North West of England, and the top 30 in the country, our education is much broader than that.

If one looks around the schools at our students, one will see young people who are full of aspiration, character and determination. They are individuals who care about their community. They are young people the school is very proud of.

It is helping a child find their passions and then having the confidence and humility to pursue their dreams, is what shapes all that we do and how we do it at The Blue Coat School.

Every day we seek to inspire excellence, shape character and forge futures.

Our school community reaches far beyond our current staff and students. Our school is enriched by generations of alumni who continue to offer support and opportunity, and a community of parents, neighbours, businesses, and partners who are eager to see our students achieve their goals.

Please do come and find out more about our school. We offer a very warm and welcoming environment where young people from a wealth of different backgrounds come every day to laugh, learn and thrive.