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‘Non sibi sed omnibus’

We believe that The Blue Coat School is a learning community committed to academic excellence and guided by principles of justice and compassion. We aim to foster intellectual, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual development. We expect everyone to demonstrate qualities of courtesy, honesty, diligence and enterprise. We believe education to be an undertaking of supreme importance, enabling all to become responsible citizens and active participants and leaders in the wider community.

Our School motto therefore holds true: ‘Not for oneself, but for all.’

School vision

The following table summarises the main findings of the parent surveys that were undertaken during Parents’ evenings in 2018-19. As a positive and forward looking school, we will be using your views to secure even more improvement in 2019-20. We look forward to taking your views this year to assess the impact of our efforts.

Parent Satisfaction 2018-19

This helpful summary for parents and students sets out The Blue Coat School’s
improvement priorities for 2019-20.

Our Priorities 2019-20