Our vision as a Governing Body is ‘To be an appropriately skilled, fully committed and strategically focused governing body thereby ensuring the confidence and trust of the staff, parents and students in our stewardship of The Blue Coat School’

The Blue Coat School is the focal point of the wider Blue Coat community, working together for all those who come to us seeking a quality education and continuous personal development – the bedrock upon which they can build their future and make it theirs.

The Headteacher and his staff are accountable for the fostering of a learning environment where students are stretched and challenged academically but are also supported in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Governors are equally accountable for their work on setting the strategic direction of the School, tracking its academic performance and being a critical friend. So, it is important that parents, teaching and support staff and the wider Blue Coat community can monitor and comment on the effectiveness of the governing body in these roles.

This website is one of the ways in which we will keep you informed about the work we do, enabling you to provide us with feedback, ideas and suggestions.

Chair Of Governors

Role of Governors

We believe the three main roles of the Blue Coat Governors are: providing a strategic overview, acting as a critical friend to the school, and ensuring accountability.

Chair of Governors
Martin Hill
Other Governors
Peter Burnham
Shaqil Chaudary
Jennifer Farmer
Shirley Heath
Martin Hill
Michael Pennington
Cath Sharples
Phil Wolstenholme
Clerk to Governors
Dave Rice

  • Setting up a strategic framework for the School
  • Setting its aims and objectives
  • Setting its policies and targets for achieving the objectives
  • Reviewing progress and reviewing the strategic framework in the light of progress
  • Helping to set standards and targets for performance for the school
  • Having an overview of the curriculum
  • Helping to set policies for itself and the school
  • Selecting the head and deputy headteacher
  • Making decisions about the school’s budget and staffing
  • Delivering effective planning, including post-inspection duties
  • Making sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs
  • Deciding how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development.

  • Maintaining a good working relationship and regular meetings with the Headteacher
  • Monitoring how well the school is doing, and how well policies and plans are being implemented
  • Knowing the school well
  • Having clear lines of responsibility between us, the Headteacher and the various school committees
  • Providing advice and support in a climate of mutual trust and respect.

  • Receiving regular reports from the Headteacher
  • Providing information to the Local Authority (LA) and parents by producing:
    • an annual report to parents, backed up by an annual parents meeting
    • a school prospectus
    • a post-inspection action plan
  • Ensuring that the performance of the Blue Coat School can be properly monitored
  • Ensuring any issues of concern can be proactively addressed through the availability of a documented performance management policy
  • Ensuring the School’s curriculum is properly monitored and evaluated
  • Ensuring that it receives sufficient information from the Headteacher to be able to check on the progress of School towards its stated targets for achievement.


If you would like to contact our Governors please email governors@bluecoatschool.org.uk