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Liverpool University’s senior Classics professor gave Blue Coat School A Level Latin students an expert insight into one of the world’s most famous historic texts.

Professor Bruce Gibson, Liverpool University’s Professor of Latin and Head of Department in the School of Archaeology, Classics, and Egyptology gave the online lecture to students studying Book XI of Virgil’s Aeneid.

Professor Gibson’s talk helped to anchor the text in the context of Augustan Rome while exploring various deeper intriguing questions and it was an exciting opportunity for our students to enhance their appreciation of Virgil.

Ambrose, Year 12, said: “Professor Gibson’s lecture was fascinating in how he was able to elucidate the Homeric background for much of Virgil’s poetry.”

Hillary, also Year 12, who plans to read Ancient History and Archaeology at university, added that Professor Gibson’s exploration of “the question of human sacrifice carried out by Aeneas in the context of Homer and Livy’s History of Rome helped me to understand better this darker aspect of the book.”

The lecture was facilitated by the Classics for All North charity, which seeks to promote the Classics in state schools.

Blue Coat Latin teacher Dr Lawell, was very pleased with the event and said: “The lecture helped to forge a good connection between the university and our school.

“It gave students a taste of the standard of third-level education, as well as providing them with an opportunity to have their queries answered by a scholar in the field. I hope that such lectures can continue in future years, and with other schools attending as well.”

Latin has never been more popular in Blue Coat School with two sets in GCSE every year, presently 12 students in Year 13, and five in Year 12.

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