The Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues’ Association (formerly the Brotherly Society) was founded on 12th February 1838, with the principle objective of assisting, advising and promoting the well-being of the students who attended the Liverpool Blue Coat School.

The members of the Association are all former Blue Coat students and when it was initially set up in 1838 the Society provided help, advice and in some cases financial assistance to students for at least two years after they left the school.  This help was of great benefit to Blue Coat students and the care shown had a tremendous influence on the lives and careers of students. Since the Second World War there has been less need for such assistance so the Society has turned its efforts towards objects that would benefit the School in general.

The Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues’ Association’s President for 2019/20 is Mr Keith Caulkin MBE. Keith was a student at the School in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In the mid-1970s Keith returned as a teacher at the School and taught physics until 2016. He continues to support the School by volunteering in the Development Team.

The Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues’ Association has its own website which you can visit here.