Since leaving the Blue Coat Michael has represented Great Britain in athletics and has also won the British Universities Championships. He is currently working towards a PhD in Material Science at the University of Birmingham.

How would you describe your time at the Blue Coat?

I loved school, we were all so fortunate to be in an environment like the Blue Coat where the majority of students were on the same page, in terms of wanting to do well in education and to succeed. The teachers respected us for that and didn’t treat us like children all of the time. I think they enjoyed working with us.

How did your experience at the School prepare you for your career?

The way I respected my teachers at school helped I think straight away with communicating with lecturers as there is probably a bigger step in maturation for some people from school to university. Whilst at university I pursed athletics which I started in Year 11, and have had great success representing Great Britain in the under 23 category and winning the British Universities Championships.

What has been your path since leaving School?

For the past seven years I have been a student at the University of Birmingham. In that time I have achieved a joint honours degree in Sports Science with Materials Science and I am currently working towards my PhD in Materials Science.

What do you do now?

I am in the last year of my PhD and I am leaving Birmingham at the end of this academic year to pursue a career in maths teaching. Again the respect I had for my teachers drew me towards teaching from an early age.

What would be your advice to students at the Blue Coat today?

My advice would be to completely appreciate the position you’re in, a great school filled with great teachers and intelligent students, most schools aren’t like that. In terms of university, I can’t recommend moving out and standing on your own two feet enough, embracing the university experience and developing yourself as much as possible. With that said university isn’t for everyone, and you should explore all your options.

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