How would you describe your time at The Blue Coat?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Bluecoat. I met some great people and good friends. I was also fortunate in encountering so many supportive, passionate teachers who made the school what it was then and continues to be today – a beacon of educational excellence.

How did your experience at The Blue Coat prepare you for your career?

The whole experience was a continual process of intellectual stimulation: I was always encouraged to question and query and to learn more. This I think more than anything has been of tremendous use in my career today.

What has been your path since leaving The Blue Coat?

I went on to the University of Liverpool where I read history and then on to the company I work for to this day – still based in Liverpool city centre.

What do you do now?

I am a senior investment director and fund manager with Investec Wealth & Investment. I am responsible for the management and investment of client assets.

What would be your advice to students at The Blue Coat today?

Take enormous advantage of the opportunity of being there and which you have worked for by passing the entrance exam. Whether from a purely academic perspective, in sports, drama, music or any other extra-curricular activities, it really will give you a great start in life.

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