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The Old Blues’ Festive Drinks event celebrated its third year as it goes from strength to strength reuniting former students and staff of all ages from around the country.

Some of the 40-plus guests were already regulars at the event, while others had not been back to the School since leaving. Yet everyone blended together to create a convivial and warm atmosphere.

It is a tribute to the calibre of past students and staff that so many Old Blues hold the School in such high esteem and are keen to give back something to ensure that present and future students enjoy a similarly rewarding experience. In their speeches to guests, senior students emphasised the importance of having Old Blues as role models.

Ensuring that the evening was lubricated with a suitable rosy glow was in no small way due to Mr Keith Caulkin’s Mulled Wine with the bar manned by Old Blues Keith Ashley, Charlie Hodgson and Ron Richardson. Adding to the ambience was music played by four of our hugely talented Sixth Form pianists.

Headteacher Mike Pennington welcomed guests and updated them on developments including the refurbished East Wing, rising student numbers and social mobility. He said: “The new Old Blues Portrait Gallery is an example of how the School can share success stories to inspire students today.”

Mr Pennington encouraged guests to give back to the School by supporting projects such as the £1.2m Bright Minds Bright Futures campaign. He said: “The creation of this innovative Learning Resource Centre needs the backing of the entire School community to ensure it succeeds.”

Members of the Senior Prefect Team also encouraged guests to support the Careers Information, Advice & Guidance (CIAG) programme, which can be done by contacting the Development Team on email:


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