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As part of our ongoing Sixth Form Careers Talks series students have been provided with a number of different insights into a number of different professions, including running your own business, forensic psychiatry, engineering and dentistry. Ensuring that Blue Coat students are provided with valuable careers advice remains a key priority of the School.

On Friday 6th March our penultimate discussion of the series centred on finance and investment management, led by Old Blue Sam Myers from the Class of 2000. On completing his degree in Law with French from the University of Leicester, Sam opted to embark on a career in finance. An employee of investment management solutions company Tilneys for the past nine years, Sam provided over thirty Year 12 and 13 students currently contemplating a career in the sector with a considered and informative insight into an industry which employs two million people nationwide.

Highlighting that there is no one strict path into the sector, Sam informed students that they can enter the industry with a degree which might not necessarily be associated with finance and investment management, including history, science, politics and law. Furthermore Sam stressed the importance of attention to detail, good communication skills and an ability to interact well with others, attributes and attitudes which are crucial not only when seeking to gain the trust and confidence of prospective clients, but also in building long lasting relationships with clients.

The session proved extremely successful, with students grasping a greater understanding of the industry. We would like to thank Sam for giving up his time to come and speak to our students.

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