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On Friday 28th February the Blue Coat warmly welcomed Old Blue Professor Simon Hands to deliver a Physics lecture to our students.

After leaving the Blue Coat in 1980 Professor Hands went to Cambridge to study physics, and has subsequently held research positions at Oxford, Illinois, Glasgow and CERN. In 1993 Professor Hands joined the University of Swansea as an Advanced Fellow and in 2011 became the Director of Research in the College of Science.

Professor Hands spoke to our Year 12 physics students about the Density of Matter and its extension to neutron matter, the extremely dense quark matter and possibly even denser strange quark matter that may be found in stars. In a separate talk to our Year 13 physics students he talked about the Twin Paradox in Special Relativity theory and derived the time dilation equation.

Mr Caulkin, Physics teacher at the School said;

“It was fascinating and inspiring to our students to listen to an Old Blue, who was lucid and friendly, and who has progressed so far in particle physics. As an Old Blue myself it was superb to have Simon back to the Blue Coat and I was most touched since he was in Year 9 when I started teaching at the School, so he was in the first group of students I taught to O Level and onto A Level.”

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