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We are delighted that Old Blue Haichao Joseph Lee from the Class of 1993 has made a wonderfully generous contribution of £100,000 to our Library Appeal.

Haichao, who currently resides in Shanghai, returned to the School in October with China’s second largest television network operator, Shanghai Media Group, who were filming Haichao and his wife Cathy as part of a documentary highlighting his English education. For more information on Haichao’s visit please click here.

Following Haichao’s visit he expressed an interest in supporting the School and was inspired by the impact that the Library Appeal will have on our current students. Reflecting on his time at the Blue Coat and why Haichao has chosen to support the School today;

“For me the Blue Coat experience was an important, character building experience which lead to shaping my entire life. When I went to The Blue Coat School I had just immigrated to England from China, and was finding everything difficult particularly with the language barrier, and difference in culture, but the school teachers and staff treated me with kindness and care. Everyone knows the Blue Coat has done well academically, but I think the real difference is the school’s high level of ethics that are consistent from the Headteacher, to the staff and to the students. I learned to become confident yet disciplined, treating others with care, and this has helped me to later succeed in life.  

During my recent visit to school it felt exactly the same as it did in my memory. Every member of staff I met was warm and welcoming. The students were very welcoming and they showed the same kind of confidence and kindness as I remembered.  I was particularly moved when Mr. Caulkin gave me my hand-written physics test scores, dated back from over 20 years ago! I’m glad that I’m now in a position to help the development of this wonderful school, and in future I will continue to support the school in any way that I can.”

We are hugely grateful to Haichao for his generous contribution which has helped us get one step further to raising the £1 million needed to refurbish the School library, and we hope Haichao’s gift will inspire other members of the School community to support the Appeal also.

If you would like to find out more about the Library Appeal please contact our Director of Development Cat Gransden on 0151 733 1407 ext 207 or at

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