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Although we are physically distanced from our alumni community at the moment we want to make sure that our Old Blues can stay connected to Blue Coat during this difficult time. Therefore we are very pleased to publish our 2020 OB magazine. To take a look please click here

Now into its fifth edition, this year’s publication is packed with insights and updates from Old Blues from across the UK and around the world.

Highlights include…

Taking to the stage with The Wombats’ Daniel Haggis 

In our interview with Daniel from the Class of 2002, he reveals his first ever show was in Shirley Hall during a ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert, how the band picked up its distinctive name, and the rather unusual circumstances that led to The Wombats’ once in a lifetime concert with The Rolling Stones.

Stepping inside one of London’s most talked about museums 

Tucked away in Camden’s famous Stables Market is one of London’s newest museums, which has welcomed 70,000 visitors from across the world. We caught up with the museum’s curator Sarah Creed from the Class of 2008, to find out more about her role and this much talked about museum.

An interview with… Jonathan Harvey

Whether he’s in LA or Chris’s Rose Lane Chippy in Liverpool, playwright, author and television scriptwriter Jonathan Harvey, from the Class of 1986, is always on the look-out for stimulating ideas to get his creative juices flowing.

Nick Cowan puts the blaze into blazer

We sat down with retired Chemistry teacher Mr Cowan, whose famous explosive experiments have become a part of the Chemistry Department’s folklore. Nick reveals why his students nicknamed him Basil Fawlty and how he secured a five year guest spot on BBC Radio Merseyside’s ‘Keep on Truckin’ show.

Our thanks go to everyone who contributed to this year’s magazine. Happy reading!

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