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We have had a wonderful day of celebration here at Blue Coat. Double the number of students who achieved A*s compared to 2019 – the last set of results before the pandemic.

In total, 70% of all exams taken resulted in a grade at A* or A.  A* was the most awarded grade – with over 40% of all results being given the very highest mark.

“Everything we do as a school is about inspiring excellence, and the outcomes today show that young people really do excel academically at our school. The fact that we have a significant number of students going to Oxbridge and other leading universities is a testament to that.

“However, what I am most proud of is the young people that our students become. They are a genuine pleasure to have in our school, and I believe they are a credit to our wider community.”


One such student was Sean Cadwallader. Sean achieved 3 A*s and an A and is heading to Manchester to study Politics and International Relations. He hopes to stand as a councillor in the next local elections.


Sean said: “At the start of my A-Level course I lost my Dad to cancer. My Mum has been incredible, the school have been hugely supportive, and I simply couldn’t have achieved this without them. I also need to thank my friends at the Liberal Democrats.

It has been tough, but now I want to do more to help our community. These results open the door for me to study a subject I am passionate about next year.”

Anna Aguiar, who is about to head to the University of Sheffield to read Law and Spanish after securing 3 A*s, said: “These last 12 months have been the hardest. I made the decision in February to “go big or go home” and since then have given these exams so much focus and attention.

“I am so proud, and I just want to thank my teachers for their kindness and support. This was an outcome I was hoping for, but not expecting.”


Adam Blanchflower, a distant relative of the footballing great, also secured 3 A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He is heading to Oxford to read Biology before starting a career in ecological research.

“I have had a difficult few years, but today is a day to really celebrate. I just want to say thank you to my family who have helped me through everything. The preparation for these exams has been stressful, but as I got into the swing of exams it all started to come together."

In addition, Miriam Zallocco achieved 2 A*s and 3 As and is now heading to UCL to read Global Humanitarian Studies


Kuhan Thayalam (R) secured 4 A*s and is heading to Selwyn College in Cambridge to read Natural Sciences.

Tim Auth, (L) who is the current Head of the Student Body, achieved 4 A*s and is heading to Oxford to study International Relations.

Just 3 of our 22 students who gained places at Oxbridge.


 In total, 96 students achieved three or more A* or A grades.

“We are all so proud of this group of students. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that they didn’t get the opportunity to sit their GCSEs in 2020 – so this was their first full and formal set of exams.

Their tenacity, talents and determination should be applauded. We wish them the all the very best for their futures.

Scilla Yates