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Our Sixth Form students have recently benefited from a new Mental Health Awareness programme led by Old Blue and University of Liverpool medical student Edward Lynch, from the Class of 2013. Weekly sessions led by Edward and his colleague Tobias Fox have enabled our students to gain an understanding of basic techniques and steps that they can implement to be proactive in looking after their mental health.

We caught up with Edward and Tobias to find out more about their Mental Health Awareness programme and their latest business venture.

“We are both Medical Students at Liverpool University with a passion in Psychology and Psychiatry. Our work with The Blue Coat School started by delivering two separate assemblies for Year 12 and Year 13 on Mental Health. We wanted to talk to the students about the transition into University life, including how to safeguard yourself appropriately with the change that inevitably arrives with University. We also addressed Mental Health more specifically, and we discussed techniques about how to move forwards effectively with relevant signposting to NHS services, if they are so required.

Since then, we have been running sessions during registration and lunch time. Within these sessions we talk to the students about their needs and cover theories about “creating the right mindset”. These are universal principles that are effective for everyone and we believe that the students gain a lot of benefit from them, providing they approach the subject with an open mind. A session has also been delivered to the Blue Coat staff about the work that we have done so far, what signs to look out for in the students and how to again, “create the mindset”.

Outside of our work with Blue Coat, we have recently started a business called Sophron. This is an incredibly ambitious venture which aims to change the way we live in today’s society. We want to create a cultural shift from addressing “Mental Health problems”, to teaching all people from a young age to look after their “Mental Fitness”, enabling them to live their lives to their absolute fullest potential. A more preventative approach, we believe, is what is required to change the way we live in today’s challenging society and start solving the “Mental Health crisis”. Having recently won a business competition we are in a fantastic position to make as much of a positive impact that we can in the coming years! Hopefully, in less than 12 months time, you will start seeing the work we have planned throughout the Liverpool community and gain some benefit from it yourselves! Unfortunately we can’t give away too much more just yet, but you’ll be hearing from us soon…

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

Enjoy your day, stay present to the moment, and appreciate the little things.

Thank you, from all of us at Sophron.”

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