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During the summer the school’s IT infrastructure was overhauled and improved thanks to a substantial donation from an Old Blue and his wife to fund the Blue Coat School IT Project 2020. This means that the school now has a more consistent and reliable system for students and staff working both on and off site.

The most important aspects of the eight week-long project were recabling the whole school network, installing new servers, installing a new wireless system and wireless access points around school, installing a new IT set-up in all classrooms, creating a new remote system for all staff and issuing them with new laptops.

This was followed by the installation of 305 new desktop monitors, 167 new PCs (with a further 55 PCs refreshed and repurposed), 167 new keyboards and mice, 56 new Wi-Fi Access Points around school, 91 new docking stations, 47 new Smart Boards, 117 new staff laptops and 15 new student laptops.

All of the school’s classrooms now have identical smartboards, docking stations and monitors which means that the IT system is now consistent across the school. This new IT equipment is much faster than its predecessor, resulting in a quicker log-in time for everyone.

By using Microsoft Teams, staff are now able to communicate more efficiently and share resources with students. Thanks to the new Remote Desktop function staff can now work anywhere, both at home and in school with access to everything they need.

In particular, the benefit to students is demonstrated by the arrival of 29 computers which have specialist software for Design Technology students and 18 computers which have specialist software for Music students.

Additionally, there are four computer suites to support the delivery of the curriculum, 36 computers for all students to access at break, lunchtime and after school, plus eight computers for Sixth Form Study use. There are 15 laptops dedicated to SEN students.

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