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We are delighted to announce our Head Boy and Head Girl for the academic year 2020/21, Oliver Merriman and Sadia Kaiser. Oliver and Sadia will be supported throughout the year by a team of Senior Prefects who will provide support during School events, take on roles in our student council and encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular activities, to name just a few of their roles and responsibilities. 

Reflecting on the recruitment process, which for the first time in Blue Coat history had to step online due to the ongoing health crisis, Ms Holland said:

“Students submitted their application via emails and all interviews took place using Microsoft Teams: a novel experience for most of us! Staff met (on Microsoft Teams!) to decide who would be appointed and how each student would fit into the team. I know people always say this but it really was a difficult decision as we had such a range of talents and skills: a phrase I like to use is ‘an embarrassment of riches! They each shared lots of great and creative ideas for enhancing key areas of school life. We are confident in their commitment to their challenging roles and thank them for offering to be involved in such a significant part of the School’s community and leadership.” 

“After six years as a Blue Coat student, I am honoured to have been appointed Head of School. To me, it is both a privilege and a responsibility to be serving as ambassador for the school of which I am immensely grateful. In a time when young people want their voices heard, I hope Sadia and I will be able to represent the student body in bringing about constructive change. Last year, the Eco Committee began to work towards a more environmentally sustainable future at school. As Head Boy, I hope that this positive dialogue on important issues continues and develops further. Of course, tradition has an important place at the Blue Coat School also. Over the next year, I’d like to create more opportunities among the student body for discussion and awareness of our school’s three-hundred-year history. Sadia and I are excited to play our part shaping a Blue Coat School community which is rich in history and we look forward to new ideas in an ever-changing world for young people.”

Oliver Merriman – Head Boy 


“It is a privilege to be the Head Girl of Blue Coat and I am sincerely looking forward to working with everyone and interacting more with the Blue Coat community as well as the wider community. I believe in leading through empowerment and as I embark on this new role, I would love to empower the student body and make meaningful changes whilst still keeping the grand traditions of Blue Coat right at the heart and centre of it all. Furthermore, I am delighted to be working with the new equality and diversity group within our school and with my new role, I hope to implement more changes alongside the group that will not only make our school more understanding and diverse in all ways but, also benefit our student body in personal growth and enrichment. Both Oliver and I are thrilled to be working together in these two positions and hope that we can bring what is best for Blue Coat whilst also innovating and creating a modern but, still traditional valued Blue Coat.”

Sadia Kaiser – Head Girl 

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