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A national competition to use design as a means of reducing waste materials has been won by Year 7 student, Max.

Max was chosen as the first winner of the Design Ventura Waste Age Mini Challenge for its ‘Build Your Own’ Snuffle Mat design for a dog (or any other domestic animal to sleep on), run by the Design Museum of London.

The aim was to design a dog’s snuffle mat that reuses and recycles unwanted or unused clothes. The design needed to be appealing enough to be sold in the Design Museum Shop.

The nationwide Waste Age Mini Challenge for Years 7 and 8 involved cutting up old clothes, gluing Velcro to them and arranging in a design on a felt mat.

Max said:  “I’m very interested in design and technology and as my own cavapoochon dog Paddy likes his snuffle mat I thought it would be fun. As I like designing things I was very happy to have won this prize.

“A snuffle mat is different from an ordinary mat as you hide things in it for your dog to find, to help using its senses. I also like the idea of recycling materials, but it’s been a bit of a surprise to win.”

Mr Ainsworth, Head of Art, Design and Technology, said: “The Mini Challenge offers a taster of the Design Ventura programme for younger students, and currently we have a team in year 10 working on the challenge set for this year.

“The Mini Challenge recognises student creativity with their ideas and clearly this is a challenge that Max completed very well with his pet-inspired snuffle mat idea.

“We are very pleased with how Max began his DT lessons and excited about what creative ideas or projects he will produce in the future.

“If you are in Key Stage 3 and inspired by his win and soon-to-be-delivered museum prize, then look at the ‘DT Task’ accessible via Microsoft Teams and get involved.”


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